AZ CCW Fingerprinting Services

One-Stop! AZ CCW Fingerprinting Service By Certified Technicians Per AZDPS Requirements. We Offer Complete Document Preparation & Review.

AZ CCW Fingerprinting By Certified Technicians



Did you know a large number of CCW Permit Application rejections are due to minor mistakes on the permit application and on the fingerprint cards? This means you could receive a ‘Deficiency Notice’ and the entire application packet gets mailed back to you to correct. Don’t worry, we can help with the entire process.

We offer fingerprinting service and complete document preparation for Arizona CCW Permit Applicants who are Non-Students. This means you did not complete any one of our courses that we currently offer. But you may have completed it through another training company. Or, you just need help in getting your fingerprints done and completing the appropriate paperwork to submit your application packet to AZDPS. We can help! We’ll even provide you with all the appropriate documents for you to submit.


  • Meet with a Certified Fingerprint Technician to complete your fingerprinting on the appropriate cards. As AZDPS requires 2 cards on FBI Form FD-258 to be submitted with each permit application. We’ll make sure that you’re sending in the best fingerprints possible.
  • We pre-type out all your documents for you to ensure they are completed correctly, as AZDPS has a particular way that they must be completed to ensure they may process your application quickly without any errors or delays.
  • We offer complimentary documentation review to ensure you have everything you need to submit to AZDPS.


  • We currently only offer this service at our Scottsdale office. Camelback Square located at 6991 East Camelback Road, Suite D-300, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.
  • We are in the same building above Mastro’s City Hall & across from Neiman Marcus. Door entrance is letter “D.” We are on the 3rd floor.

Fingerprinting service is scheduled by appointment only and performed one-on-one at our upscale office, in Scottsdale. So you may get your fingerprints and CCW Permit Application completed all done in one stop! Please check the green dates on our calendar for the next availability. Date and times are limited so book at your earliest convenience. Please contact us at if you need any further assistance or booking a reservation online.



AZDPS requires that your fingerprints and application be completed in a specific format and legibly. Other training companies will give you the documents to print and complete on your own. Did you know that a majority of applications get RETURNED by AZDPS due to simple errors on your fingerprint cards and permit application? Perhaps you forgot to include extra documentation needed with your application? Receiving a “DEFICIENCY NOTICE” only delays the approval of your application, as you must fix the issue(s) and send the entire packet back for them to review and process again.

If you are looking to get your AZ CCW Permit as quickly as possible, we strongly recommend that you get your fingerprints done with us to ensure they are completed correctly. Also, with that service we prepare and pre-type all your documents for you to make sure all the information is accurate and consistent. When you meet with us, you simply need to verify and sign off on all your documents. We even provide a pre-addressed mailing envelope with your return address and AZDPS’s address.

We offer complimentary documentation review and assemble your final packet to make sure everything is in order. This way it’s quick and easy for AZDPS to process your permit application, minimizing any delays in being issued your permit. We streamline the entire process to help AZDPS streamline theirs. OUR GOAL IS TO GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME YOU APPLY, SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN. Don’t delay, get CCW Certified Today! Got questions, contact us at 602.300.3550. We are available 7 days a week.


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